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Highway Code Changes

Highway Code Changes: make sure you stay up to date

In this blog we’ll explore why it’s essential to keep up to date with changes to the Highway Code. If you’re learning to drive or ride, you’ll no doubt be studying the Highway Code to learn the rules of the road. The Highway Code is now 90 years old but has been updated hundreds of times since it was originally published in 1931. With further changes to be made between Sept 2021 and spring 2022, it’s as important as ever that you regularly “check the Code”. For life, not just for learners The rules in the Highway Code are updated when there are changes in the law. New rules may be added while you are preparing for your practical test, or after you have passed. There have been 15 changes since 2015 alone. But how do you keep up with all these changes? Be in the know It’s easy to keep up to date with the Highway Code online:

  • GOV.UK includes a list of the latest updates that have been made, so it’s quick and easy to see what has changed.

  • You can also sign up for email alerts whenever the Highway Code is updated.

  • You can even follow @HighwayCodeGB on Facebook to get regular road safety reminders and news of any updates.

  • There’s also our official Highway Code app.

Reading the Highway Code Of course, you can access the Highway Code in a number of ways. The Highway Code on GOV.UK allows you to:

  • search for key words and phrases within The Highway Code

  • quickly move between related rules

  • follow links to the original laws that the rules are based on

  • print sections more easily.

Future changes and print editions There will be further changes made to the Code between Sept 2021 and February 2022, with a new printed edition to hit shelves in spring 2022. While printed versions can be great for reference, please make sure you always refer to the edition on GOV.UK as well. This will help make sure your information is as up to date as possible.

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