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2.1 Mirrors - Signal - Manoeuvre, Position - Speed - Look

What this skill covers

Making the MSM and PSL routine an integral part of their driving.

What your pupil must know and understand


  1. Mirrors. Check the speed and position of traffic behind them

  2. Signals. Consider whether a signal is necessary. If it is, signal their intention to change course or slow down clearly and in good time

  3. Manoeuvre. Make the manoeuvre if it’s safe. Make sure their position and speed are appropriate, and that they look and act on what they see


Their vehicle is in the correct position for the manoeuvre and that they move in plenty of time if they need to change direction.


They make sure their car is moving at the right speed and in a suitable gear to manoeuvre safely.


  1. Look - What do they see?

  2. Assess - What are their options?

  3. Decide - Depending on what they see.

  4. Act - Either continue or wait.

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