Practice theory test This practice theory test for car drivers is provided so you can see how the DVSA theory test works. You’ll need to do more revision to learn all the topics and give yourself the best chance of passing. We recommend that you use the official study materials listed below. You can take the mock theory test in

  • ‘practice view’ - designed to work on most PCs, mobiles and tablets

  • ‘test view’ - this looks similar to the screens at the theory test centre.

Use the button on the test page to switch between these two views. The test has 50 questions, and you need to get 43 right to pass. You have 57 minutes to do it. You can review your answers at the end of the test, and then take a second practice test. You can also practice the hazard perception test and the video clip test for free.

This driving theory test is just for practice. Get instant online access to all the car theory test revision questions - and over 100 practice hazard perception clips - at the Official DVSA Learning Zone. It works on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

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